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Details & Designs

started as a "desktop publishing" firm in 1987, Details & Designs has kept current with the rapid evolution of graphic design and marketing, and has expanded to include event planning, and personal organizing services. 



Founder, Marilyn Senders, was looking for a way to combine her passions for writing, design, and technology​ after shutting down her catering business which had gotten too busy to manage.

After reading an article about the new field of desktop publishing, Marilyn purchased her first Macintosh, installed it in her bedroom, and spent the summer learning how to use it.

Twenty five years later, Details and Designs was an award-winning, flourishing business with a custom designed home office, but it was in need of another designer. Marilyn approached her daughter Jessica Weinberg who was working in the non-profit marketing field as a director, and who had become a talented graphic designer herself. Jessica began freelancing a few projects, and expanded the business to include her own areas of interest: event planning and personal organizing.


Now Marilyn maintains a few dedicated clients, but she has turned over the reins to Jessica who is honored to be the new owner of the family business, and who maintains the standards of professionalism and creativity that her mother established.


Maybe someday one of Jessica's 3 creative daughters will do the same?

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